All I want for Christmas are some Six-Pack Abs

All I want for Christmas are some Six-Pack Abs

Does your Christmas list include a wish for tighter, more sculpted abs? First, keep in mind that Santa probably isn’t your best resource, after all, look at his belly!

All kidding aside, if you’re looking for more sculpted abs, nothing beats the plank since it calls on all three components of the abdominal muscles and since the regular plank can get boring, it’s time to put a spin on it. And better yet, the exercise below works not only your core, but also your shoulders, butt and chest!

Lifted Leg Plank
– Start in a low hover plank with your abs in tight – forearms on the floor, elbows under your shoulders and balancing on one or both feet.
– Flex your right foot and bend your right knee up to make a 90° angle. Make sure to keep your hips square to the floor and don’t lean into the left side to overcompensate.
– Maintain the bend in your knee and slowly lower your right leg down towards the floor.
– Need more of a challenge? Put a dumbbell or small medicine ball behind your knee as you lift and lower!
– Try this 10-12 times for 1-2 sets (or 3 sets if you’re more advanced) and repeat on the other side.

Remember: the key to great looking abs isn’t reps, it’s variety! So keep working hard and try to add new moves into the mix so you keep it fresh and guarantee better results.

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All I want for Christmas are some Six-Pack Abs

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