How To Get Abs?

How to get Abs?

Let’s be realistic. If you are 40 pounds overweight you are not going to get a six pack fast- you can do it, but it will just take more time and hard work. We all have to start somewhere. Time for you to establish a body base line. This is something that you can look back on as you are trying the best ab workouts. Weight yourself and write it down. You should take a photo of yourself right now and then again when you have completed the training program.

The workout program for a skinny guy is not going to be the same one for someone who is overweight. I happen to have a fast metabolism so I fall under the skinny category. Scrawny guys don’t need to spend a large amount of time lifting weights, they need to lift heavier weights for shorter periods of time. It does not matter how skinny you are, if you add more weight to your bench you will gain muscle quickly.

An example would be if you are doing basic crunches you will want to hold a 20lbs weight behind your neck with both hands. It helps to place another weight at your feet for balance each time you come up. So instead of doing 70 crunches you only need to do 15 – 20. Then when you find you can do more, increase the weight to 25 pounds and so on.

Now with heavier set guys, you need to lose the weight first. You could do all the exercises and be build like a tank, but if you still have a bunch of fat covering it, you will not get the physical results you are looking for. This is where diet and cardio comes into play. You will need to cut out the soda and alcohol, and focus on cardio exercises.

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Jumping back to the skinny guys. This adding weight each week for a linear progress does work. In fact it works very well. It is simple in the fact that you just need to focus on increaseing your weight for your workouts. As long as you keep track of your weight, the bar just needs to be heavier than the previous week. Even if it is only 2 pounds different, your muscles need the challenge or they will not grow.

Most people are too focused on a high number of reps that they forget the main purpose of ab excercises: increased overload. All the bodybuilder magazines will brainwash you into training like the grotesk muscle bound meat heads on the covers. You end up killing your body with 15-20 sets for all main body parts then take every one to total failure. If you were not dead exhausted at the end of your workout you did not do a good job. What most people do not realize is that the body cannot recover properly. Your muscles don’t have time to grow before you hit the gym again. You end up overtraining or get injured and need a month to recover.

Most average folks like you or me do not have the natural talent for extreme body building. It all depends where you start. There are a few different exercises I recommend that can be found here: Ab workouts

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    Im considered a skinny guy but I have trouble doing more than ten regular situps. I’ve never been able to do many reps when it comes to an workouts. Should I just focus on low reps with heavy weights? I feel like I’ll only be able to do one or two reps at most.