Three Sixpack Myths And One Answer

Three Sixpack Myths And One Answer

How many times have you spent the last half of your workout on the special ab machine at the gym or doing countless sit-ups only to see no results? You’ve done every abdominal workout that you’ve heard of to no avail. Are you finding that getting that ever elusive six pack you want to show off in your board shorts seems unattainable. Here are 3 “Six pack” myths that may be holding you back or at least wasting your time.

Myth 1. You need to do a lot of ab exercises. The reason this is a myth is because you can get away with doing a relatively few abdominal exercises and still see massive results. My abdominal exercises at the most last 25 minutes (but most lasting around 15 minutes) and I see tremendous results.

Myth 2. You need to do ab exercises every day…False. Abs do not need to be worked any more than any other part of the body. You don’t do chest and back exercises everyday do you? You don’t do quad and hamstring exercises everyday do you? Then you shouldn’t do ab exercises everyday either—it results in overtraining. Your muscles (even your abs) need time to recuperate and grow. The most I train my abs is five days a week after my strength training workouts.

Myth 3. The ab crunch is still the best abdominal exercise. The reason this is false is because there are so many other exercises out there that can do the job! I’ve done complete abs workouts that don’t include a single crunch—it’s all done either standing up or sitting on a mat—and it works your abs like crazy.

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Ultimately, training with 3-5 different movements for 3-4 sets of 10-20 reps 2-3 times a week is all you really need to develop your abs.

Sample Routine
Sit-Ups 3×15
Leg Raises 3×15
Russian Twists 3×15
Planks 3x 15-60 seconds
Lower Back Extensions

If you do this type of routine and stick to a clean diet with a touch of cardio, you will get there. We all can have a perfect set of chiseled abs ready to shine with just a little time…the key is to be smart to ensure that they shine to perfection!

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