What to Eat Before Bed

What to Eat Before Bed

So by now you know that your body is hard at work while you are sleeping. This is when you grow, repair and rejuvenate. Have you ever scarfed down a whole meal late at night and woke up feeling leaner? When that happens, it is because you body used that food as energy to do all its work during sleep.

Now it is always important to right so that you properly fuel your body to function and get through the day physically and mentally but it is also very important to give your body some complex foods before bed to really maximize your body rebuilding sleep session!

Quick myth: The old wives tale about not eating before bed or after a certain time, like 8pm as an example will help you lose weight is a crock of… It actually has nothing to do with what time you eat but more about consuming less calories that day because you skipped all that food you normally eat. However timing is somewhat important, they were just misinformed. As you read above eating the right food before bed can be very beneficial and speed up your metabolism while helping you build muscle and cut fat.

Be smart about your before bedtime meal. Choosing foods that won’t exceed your target daily calories limit, keep your hunger satisfied, and nothing that might wake you up. Choose food that will help build the body of your dreams while you dream!

Here is a list of food that is good to eat before bed:
– Raw Veggies
– Peanut Butter
– Salmon
– Non caffeinated protein shake.
– Cottage Cheese
– Olive Oil
– Flaxseeds
– Greek Yogurt

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So go eat one more meal before bed just keep yourself in check while you do it and you will be fine and reaping the benefits in no time!

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