Why Dieting Is Bullshit !

Why Dieting Is Bullshit !

‘Diet’ Logic:
A ‘diet’ has an associated end attached to it. A light at the end of the tunnel. The finish of your misery. Relief to FINALLY be able to start eating junk food again.

The entire time you are on your ‘diet’ those foods you are denying yourself are in the back of your mind. You assure yourself that once you lose 20 – 30 – 40 pounds you can finally eat that desired food. “It will be a reward food for all my hard work!” Humans thrive on reward systems. Work so many hours a week and you are rewarded with pay. Work on preparing an awesome home made dinner and you are rewarded with awesome food. You ‘diet’ for a month, lose 10 pounds, and reward yourself with a bucket of ice cream. But since you worked so hard why not go buy another bucket of ice cream for the next night. You keep telling yourself it is a reward for all your hard work but in the back of your mind there is that guilt. That same guilt that grows along with your waist. Suddenly you now weigh more then you did before you started ‘dieting.’

So what should you do instead?
You must make a choice to start a new life style.

Losing the weight and gaining muscle for a defined six pack is a life style choice. It is not temporary. Becoming healthy and fit is something that you commit to and will become a part of who you are.

You choose to run 4 miles every other day after work. You choose to drink water instead of soda. You choose to stop eating fast food. You choose to start paying attention to the ingredients of the food you buy. You choose a work out plan that is right for you. You choose your group of workout partners. Then you stick with it.

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You will find that your body will eventually begin to reward you with naturally occurring endorphins. These are the chemicals that make you feel awesome! The brain usually releases them after a long distance run. Not only will you feel accomplished from finishing your run but you will be in a GREAT mood. Like you can take on anything. This is commonly referred to as the ‘runners high.’ It will take some time and training before it really affects you.

Try eating a peach 1 month after minimizing your sugar intake. Blueberries. Strawberries. It will taste amazing. Nature makes some wonderful food.

As exercise starts to become a normal part of your life you will begin to feel a pull. Your body will tell you that exercise is something you must do. When you miss a workout or a run an anxious feeling shows up. This is the same feeling you got when you were on that ‘diet’ of yours. Only this time the craving for junk food is replaced by a need to exercise. To get out. To move your body. To push yourself to do more.

Screw your excuses.
I just don’t have time to exercise – Bullshit. Everyone has time. Turn off the god damn tv. Shut down your piece of shit computer. Get up. Put on your running shoes and GO FOR A FREAKING RUN!!! If you have time to watch tv, browse the internet, (insert something you enjoy doing) then you have time to exercise. 30 minutes. That is all it takes.

I’m too fat – Bullshit. I don’t care if you are 400+ pounds. Get out of that freaking piece of shit electric scooter and start walking. When you need to go to the store, park in the back of the parking lot and walk. Drop the fast food. Drop the soda. Quit sugar. Walk everywhere. When you get to a point where your are no longer winded from walking. Try jogging a short distance. Work your way up from there. It is a simple math of caloric intake.

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I can’t exercise on my own – Then don’t! Grab a friend and force them to go. You will eventually motivate each other. It is good to have exercise partners to drag each other out of the bed in the morning. When you get a good routine in place everything will fall into place.

So go ahead. Start your ‘diet.’ You will most likely fail. Even if you do manage lose the weight, it will just come back when you stop dieting. If you want to forever change the way you look you must first change your lifestyle. There is no end to eating healthy and exercising.

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