How To Perform: Crunch Twist

How To Perform: Crunch Twist

Crunches twist is a vital exercise if you want to build an astonishing abs and define it’s curves. This basic exercise strengthens both the abs and the waist that is essential to people with back injuries. Abdominal Crunch Twist remain and important part for balanced development of all the abdominal muscles as a whole, as well as to strengthen the lumbar region and prevent spinal cord injuries.

Abs Crunch twist Performing:
The starting position for Crunch Twist is almost the same as for classic crunches: lying on the floor with the kneed bent. The difference is your knees must be turned slightly to the side so that the lower knee touches the floor. Don’t forget to watch your waist – it should remain on the ground as much as possible, stretched and fixed.

Now tighten your abdominal muscles and try to go up, taking your head and shoulders straight up. At the same time get the pelvis into action and bring your knees towards the face contracting your abdomen as much as possible. Exhale on the top point and then lower your knees and shoulders gently back to the starting position. Once worked on one side, turn over and run the same for the other side. Make sure that throughout the entire sets hips were rotated by 90 ° relative to the torso.

Crunch Twist has a couple of nuances worth to be familiar with. For example, it is not recommended to do reverse crunches if you do not have a flexible hip joint. You should able to hold the hip rotated by 90 ° relative to the torso. If it’s hard to do so, than the technique will be wrong, which is extremely dangerous for the spine.

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Other piece of advise is don’t try to raise the entire torso, because by doing so you will relocate the load from the abs muscles to the lower back. Also keep the head and neck at one line with the spine and do not turn or tilt your head.

If the performance is correct, the effect from Crunch Twist won’t take long to be seen in the mirror.

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