What Kind Of Ab Workout Should I Do?

What Kind Of Ab Workout Should I Do?

Typically, ab training varies dependant on the individual. However, be sure to hit the entirety of the abdominals. Ideally, you want to hit each area of the abdominals with at least one exercise. Exercise the upper abdominals first as the lower abdominals tend to fatigue quicker.

Focus on the muscles during the exercise and practice perfect form. Aim to work through the burning sensation, but do not sacrifice form for additional repetitions.

Perform each workout as a superset, moving from one set of the first exercise to the next with minimal rest. Rest upon completing one set of each exercise (one circuit). Workout A Rope Crunches 2-3 x 10-3 Partial Crunches 2-3 x 20-40 * stay within range of contraction and maintain contraction throughout

Russian Twists 2-3 x 10-30 (each side)

Bent-Knee Leg Raises 2-3 x 10-30

Workout B:

Bicycle Crunches 3-5 x 10-40
Lying Leg Raises 3-5 x 30-90 seconds
Plank 3-5 x 30-90 seconds

Perform crunches with the feet elevated (on a bench/box, ball etc.) to place more stress on the actual abdominal muscles instead of the lumbar spine and hip flexors.
During leg raises, bring the legs up to 90 degrees to the body.
To increase difficulty, focus on the contraction and eccentric portions of each rep. Aim for a 5-10 second eccentric to really feel the burn.
Only add minimal weight once exercise is no longer challenging. Increase weight slowly.
Obliques – Should The Obliques Be Directly Targeted?

Yes. Would you train your biceps and not your triceps? I hope not. Failure to do so not only affects appearance, it creates an imbalance which may cause injury.

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Many bodybuilders abstain from training the obliques in an effort to avoid obtaining larger outer abs – which would negatively affect the appearance of the much sought after ‘V-Taper’ appearance. The obliques are still involved and can be a great source of power during exercises. Even bodybuilders are recommended to train the obliques, however, do not make them the primary focus.

What Kind Of Results Can This Workout Deliver?

This workout delivers direct abdominal stimulation. You can expect to be sporting a solid set of abs.

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