What Is A Six Pack Diet

What Is A Six Pack Diet?

A six pack diet is not necessarily a certain plan to follow, it just means eating healthier foods that are not likely to lead to further weight gain. You also want to eat foods that help you lose weight. This means eating a higher protein diet. The reason you want to do this is because a lot of foods that we eat have a high carbohydrate content and this turns to sugar in your body which then turns to fat. Some of the basis of why people started eating this way was by looking at what we ate as early humans. The thought was, whatever we were eating back then would be what we should be eating today. What they found is that as hunter gatherers we ate high protein and fat diets while consuming very minimal amounts of carbohydrates. This has given birth to what is now known as the cave man or paleo diet, both of which are a great six pack diet. When you switch from eating high carb foods to protein in forces your body to start burning your body fat as an energy source. Carbohydrates are what your body uses as fuel so when you reduce your carb intake your system burns excess fat. This type of eating is also known as a classic ketogenic diet. Follow us to know what foods should you eat to get a six pack!

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