Lower Ab Exercises

Lower Ab Exercises

1.Begin in a push up position with a straight back
2.Keeping your hips low,bring the first knee up to the chest like you’re taking a step up
3.Switch legs like you’re climbing.

1.Lie flat on your back with your arms stretched out behind your head
2.Flex at the hips and curl your abs to lift your legs and torso of the ground
3.Bring your hands up to meet your feet
4.Pause then bring yourself back to the starting position.

1.Lie flat on your back with your arms stretched out along your side
2.Starting off with your legs in a 90 degree angle.Lift your legs towards the sky until your glutes lift off the ground
3.Bring your thighs to your belly and knees to your head.Then bring yourself back to the starting position

1.Beginning in a push up position,lower yourself to your elbows
2.Keep your body in a straight line,the hips shouldn’t have any elevation or sag
3.You want to keep your core tight,hold the plank for as long as possible.

1.Lie down on your back with your hand under your hips
2.Raise your legs 50cm off the floor,cross the left leg over the right,vice versa
3.Uncrossing the legs,lift one leg up while lowering the other slightly,vice versa

1.Hang on a bar with a straight body
2.Using your core, crunch your knees up towards your abdomen
3.Control your leg slowly back down

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