How To Get A Sixpack? 27 Abs Food !!

How To Get A Sixpack? 27 Abs Food !!

If you want a six-pack, eating the right things is crucial. Here are the foods that will help build and reveal your abs

Step one: Burn fat

Everyone has abs, but you won’t be able to see them if they’re hidden beneath a layer of fat. These will help you burn it off





Sweet potatoes

Step two: Boost your metabolism

This will cause your body to burn more calories, helping to make you lean and expose your abs

Green tea contains molecules called catechins, which have thermogenic properties and improve metabolism.

Chilli peppers are a great source of capsaicin, which helps to ramp up your metabolism.

Blueberries can help to inhibit the formation of new fat cells by altering lipid metabolism.

Grapefruit contains chemicals that reduce insulin levels, which in turn can cause increased metabolism.

Step three: Eat meat for protein
Eating plenty of protein is crucial if you want to build your abdominal muscles. These are all great sources, as shown by the amounts of protein they contain per 100g
Chicken -33g

Lamb – 36g

Duck – 29g

Turkey – 29g

Beef – 36g

Step four: Cycle your protein
Varying your protein sources will give you a wider range of nutritional benefits. Here are some of the best non-meat sources and how much they contain per 100g

Tuna – 30g

Parmesan – 36g

Pumpkin seeds – 33g

Eggs – 12g

Peanuts – 24g

Soya beans – 39g

Step five: Reduce stress

Stress raises levels of the hormone cortisol, leading to fat storage – especially in the crucial waist area

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Milk helps you lose body fat and build muscle.

Oats are rich in carbohydrates, which boost serotonin levels in the brain and create a calming effect.

Oranges contain high levels of vitamin C, which can help to reduce levels of stress hormones in the blood.
Walnuts are high in fibre, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids, all of which can help to lower blood pressure and stress.

Salmon is a great source of magnesium, which helps to control cortisol levels.

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