How Stress Causes Weight Gain

How Stress Causes Weight Gain

The Science behind Stress
We are facing huge stressors that affect our bodies exactly the same way as they always have, despite the fact that most of our modern-day stresses are not physical in nature and therefore don’t burn any calories.
Cortisol doesn’t know that though, and it keeps coming, making you hungry—for simple, sugary carbs to supply you with instant energy. To make matters worse, moving the sugar we just ate from our blood to our muscles requires the hormone insulin. After stress, the body is filled with sugar and insulin, a fat-storing combination.
Loss of Control
Many of us experience stress when we feel like life is out of our control or that we can’t do what we need to do because of time or situational constraints. We may eat to fulfill emotional needsor to procrastinate.

Eating better, exercising and combating stress—it’s a combination to prevent weight gain and enhance weight loss.

Create a Stress-Reduction Plan
The first step to creating a stress-relief plan is realizing that you have too much stress in your life. Ask yourself if there’s anything you can do to make your life easier.
Next, commit to a daily stress-reduction activity. It should not be a major commitment unless you have plenty of time to devote to it (otherwise it’ll just stress you more). Make a list of three activities that make you feel better and more like yourself and schedule five to 10 minutes each day to do that activity. Here are some ideas:
Getting a massage
Working out
Deep breathing
Taking a nap
Reading a magazine
Taking a bath
Playing a game
Sitting quietly
Affection with a loved one or pet
Once you’re into the habit of taking five to 10 minutes out a day for stress reduction, you should already be feeling somewhat better. Now it’s time to start focusing on the signs of stress that you may not be paying attention to.
Doing this will not only make you a happier more balanced person, it will also help you to eat healthy and keep your energy levels high for those workouts. And by all means, follow these great tips for beating stress and have more success losing weight sanely!

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