Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal Exercises

Well-developed abdominal muscles – a sign of a high standard of physical fitness. Few possess a form of nature, and therefore achieve a textured cube in the abdominal area, you can use regular and intensive training. If properly training, the muscles will be tight and solid as a rock.
Most of the exercises for the abdominals are performed without the overhead burden for the load at the expense of their own body weight, creating a strain for your muscles.

To ensure that training takes place at maximal intensity, you need to assess the reaction of the organism. If the repetition of exercises is given to you hardly, but you were still able to perform an exercise to the end, you’re on the right track. But, if the exercise is completed without the muscle tension and is providing easy, you do not train sufficiently and to improve the effect you need to use other exercises for the abdominals.

Here are some of the best exercises for maximal traing of abdominal muscles:

1. Raise Leg on an incline bench, for this exercise, as well as for follow-up, you will need a bench of 2 meters length, which need to be strengthened at an angle of 40 degrees. Lie on your bench, put your hands behind your head and grasp the end of the bench, not to slip down. Then, exhaling, lift your legs up , making a pause and return to starting position. Repeat 10 times

2. Rise of the body on an incline bench, for this exercise, you will need to lie your head down, feet up, while fixing the ankles to the bench. Lay your hands behind your head, bending the back, head up into position, sitting, and try to touch with the forehead to the knees. Slowly return to starting position. Bending the back, as you isolate the abdominal muscles. Repeat 10-12 times.

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3. Alternatingbending in the prone position, this exercise is suitable for both legs, and for the abdominals. Lie on your bench, put your hands behind your head, and alternately tighten the legs to the abdomen, and then straighten them back.2 sets of 15 reps.

4. Bent-Knee Hip Raise- lay on the floor, bend your knees and ankles podtisnite under the neck of the bar. Hands behind your head, take a sitting position, bend as close as possible to the knees, then slowly return to starting position. 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

5. Continental somersault is the best exercise for abs, straighten your back, approach the feet to the buttocks, legs bent, holding, tear them off the floor and tumble, trying to touch your knees apart. Return to starting position without straightening your knees. 2 sets of 10 reps.

Most athletes consider training for the abdominals boring and nou useful exercise, and only because of this, these exercises require repetition, and the results can not be measured in centimeters, excluding only the case when you are trying to lose weight.
But workouts for abdominal muscles are an integral part of the beautiful and the relief of the body.

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