7 Easy Tips To Keep The Holidays Bulge Away

7 Easy Tips To Keep The Holidays Bulge Away

1. Now for some tips to keep yourself from slipping up on the days that you aren’t planning to deviate from your own weight loss or health program:
Eat before you go to any holiday parties. You’ll be less tempted by all the goodies around you and consume less as well.

2. Drink 100 oz. of water every day (okay, but you should always be doing this, not just during the holidays.) It’ll keep you fuller and well hydrated of course!

3. Keep sugar-free gum on you CONSTANTLY! Especially at the parties and potlucks! Keep your mouth busy so it doesn’t misbehave.

4. Bring a healthy option as your contribution so you know you’ll have something you can snack on there.

5. Don’t wear baggy clothing! It’s funny, but it works! If you’re wearing your favorite pair of fitted jeans, it will help you remember not to overindulge.

6.Get out and exercise! Even if you’re playing football with the family or taking a quick walk around the block to drop off cookies.

7. Tell someone (especially those you’re going to parties with) that you’re trying to eat healthy. Ask them to help keep you honest. I even invite friends over when I’m baking so I KNOW I won’t snitch! It really works!

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