5 Reasons to Make Fall Your Weight-loss Season

5 Reasons to Make Fall Your Weight-loss Season

1. Healthy fall foods are at their finest
Nutrition should be at the core of any weight loss campaign and fall is great time to take advantage of seasonal foods that are best this time of year. Go to your local farmer’s market or organic grocer for the best of this seasons pears, beets, sweet potatoes and pumpkin seeds. Use these hearty foods in stews, throw them in salads, or roast them with a little of olive oil to make your tummy thank you.

2. It’s the perfect time for outdoor activities
If summer is too hot for a walk in the park or a game of tennis you have no excuses come fall. Profuse sweating is one less thing you have to worry about as you run around Long Island and enjoy the sights of the leaves changing color and nature coming alive before it settles down for winter.
Perfect weather outside also means the gym will be less packed and you’ll be able to jump from machine to machine with ease. This is also the perfect time to make friends with some of the staff to learn a few new exercises or techniques that will help you take care of those last few pounds.

3. It’s a great time to implement some structure into your workouts
While we will never say that summer time and all the fun and activities that come with it are a bad thing, they do present challenges to those of us who are pegged with obligations that interfere with our workout routines. BBQs, the kid’s out of school, trips to the beach and wedding season all make summer a challenging time to get to the gym on your time. By the time fall comes around all those summer time shenanigans are replaced with schedules and some regularity in our lives. This is the best time to get back into a workout routine so that you can lose weight and keep it off.

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4. The kids are back in school
Fall is generally the time of year when gyms have new group fitness classes starting. As this coincides with the kids being back in school maybe it’s time for you to do something for yourself. While the kids are off at school or doing extracurricular activities in the afternoon hours, try to find some class that fits into your schedule for just one hour a couple of times a week.
If the kids are too young and getting out of the house is challenging, use the fall TV season to help you get your workouts into high gear. How, you ask? Fall is the time of year many new TV shows are introduced. If you have some must-watch shows why not make the most out of your time by exercising while in front of the TV? Do planks during commercials, push-ups, sit-ups, wall squats, or other body weight exercises that make you feel productive while you avoid all those holiday commercials. In a typical hour-long show, you can expect close to 20-minutes of commercials which is plenty of time to get active.

5. Preparing for the holiday pounds
By the time Thanksgiving rolls around it is likely that you’ve already had a few meals with family or friends that involved a few more calories than you may have bargained for. Rather than sweat the evitable calorie-dense meals that come with the holidays, prepare for the holidays with some pre-emptive weight loss so you can enjoy the egg nog with a smile. Additionally, you’ll already be in a solid routine to shed any extra pounds so you can easily put in a little extra work at the gym in between Thanksgiving and the December holidays.

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