20 Powerful Exercises To Blast Fat & Transform Your Body

20 Powerful Exercises To Blast Fat & Transform Your Body

All exercises will be 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps since our objective is to get a lean body and we aren’t aiming to get bigger. So choose a weight that gives enough difficulty for you (say about 70% of your strength).

Monday: Chest & Triceps
1 Bench Press: Concentrate and keep the weight on the pecs. Keep the movement controlled and do not lock out. Try to add another 1-2 reps extra at the end of your set if you are approaching 10-12 reps upon fatigue.
2 Incline Dumbbell Press
3 Dumbbell Flye
4 Triceps Pushdown
5 Lying Triceps Press
6 Dips
7 Sit-Ups
8 Hanging Leg Raises
9 Lying Leg Raise
10 Leg Pull-In ➡️ Stomach Vacuum

Tuesday: Light Cardio Jog (30 Minutes)

Wednesday: Shoulders & Legs⚫
1 Military Press
2 Upright Barbell Row
3 Side Lateral Raise
4 Rear Delt Raise
5 Arnold Press
6 Barbell Squat
7 Dumbbell Lunge
8 Standing Calf Raise

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