16 Healthy Nighttime Snacks

16 Healthy Nighttime Snacks

Eating past 8 p.m. has been known to get a bad rap. In reality, the reason you may have gained (or not been able to lose)Noshing at night, if done healthfully, can offer some surprising benefits.

1. High-Protein “Cake Batter”
This high-protein version will satisfy the strongest late-night cravings — and it packs in 19 grams of protein! Combining vanilla protein powder and heavy cream with pumpkin spice gives a warm flavor and spicy feel, but you can pick any flavor of you like. CALORIES: 274

2. Coconut-Mango Cream
a simple dessert that uses frozen mango and coconut milk to make a dish your friends will rave about. To make it vegan, opt for a vegan protein powder like hemp, brown rice or pea. CALORIES: 171

3. No-Bake Honey Peanut Butter Cookies
These simple-to-make no-bake cookies contain the great flavor combination of peanut butter and chocolate, along with a little hint of sweetness from honey. To cut down on calories, you can make 16 half-size cookies instead. CALORIES: 238

4. Dark Chocolate
Next time you need to wind down at night, have an ounce of your favorite dark chocolate (70 percent cacao or greater).

5. BCAA Slushy
Here’s a better, no-added-sugar version that contains branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which can help decrease muscle soreness and stimulate muscle growth. CALORIES: 36

6. Strawberry-Banana “Ice Cream”
Here’s the simple recipe: Slice up two very ripe bananas and one cup of strawberries. Place them in the freezer until frozen. Once frozen, blend the strawberries and bananas in a food processor on high until an ice-cream consistency is achieved. Voila, vegan ice cream!

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7. Pistachios
you get to eat more nuts per ounce (49 nuts) than any other nut.

8. Not Your average milkshake
This nutrient-powered milkshake packs about 40 grams of protein and one-third of the recommended daily amount of calcium. CALORIES: 307
9. Chocolate peanut butter, cottage cheese
10. Raspberry greek yoghurt pops
11. Pumpkin seeds
12. Milk and honey
13.frozen blueberries
14. Almonds
15. Berries
16. Kale chips

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