13 Exercises To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms

13 Exercises To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms

Exercise 1: Mountain Climber
This effectively tenses the arms and effectively works it to burn the fat

Exercise 2: The Push-up
This workout not only helps you develop a good chest but it also gives your arms a tough workout that makes sure your arms get firmer the more you do it.

Exercise 3: Tricep Push-up
Similar to how the standard push-up The difference is the wideness of the hand position.

4. Bicep curls
Simple enough to do with relatively simple and light equipment. All you’ll need would be a dumbbell or a resistance band.

5. Spider Push-Ups
The imbalance this exercise will bring will definitely make your arms work twice as hard as it simultaneously tries to hold the static position and at the same time maintain equilibrium.

6. The One Leg Push-Up
This is simply a one-leg version of the standard push-up. Similar to how the spiderman push-up works but this only requires one leg to be lifted off the ground while the exercise is done.

7. Dips
Considered as one of the best ways to work your arms, dips are known to challenge your core stability while requiring your arms to lift and lower your bodyweight in a slow and controlled manner.

8. Planks
A simple exercise, this focuses on core strength but your arms will be one of the muscles greatly challenged by this exercise.

9. Bent over rows
One of the popular choices for a great whole body exercise, bent over rows puts emphasis on upper body strength.

10. Dumbbell/Kettlebell Presses
Among the many free weight, pressing remains to be one of the best ways to strengthen not just the arms but also the upper body as a whole.

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11. Kettlebell Swings
This exercise will demand grip strength as well as overall arm strength when it comes to holding the kettlebell in place and keeping it from flinging away from you.

12. Archer row
The fact that it’s a dumbbell-lifting exercise ensures your arms will definitely be challenged which would translate to muscle growth therefore burning the fat in your arms.

13. Chin-ups
Probably the polar opposite of the push-up, the chin-up (not to be confused with the pull-up) utilizes the biceps to lift the whole body from a hanging position.

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