11 Leg Variations You Must try for Monster Legs

11 Leg Variations You Must try for Monster Legs

What is the true indication of a great physique? Is it large, peaked biceps? Is it razor-sharp abs? Is it bowling-ball shoulders or a wide thick back? None of those are correct. The real answer is, symmetry. A “Symmetrical Physique” is one in which all body parts flow into each other. No one body part or side of the body is bigger than the other.

If this is an article about building legs, why am I talking to you about symmetry? I’m getting there. I brought up symmetry because too many beginners skip out on leg-training (or just do a half-ass job of it) and build a horrible imbalance between the size of their upper and lower body. This completely throws off the symmetry of one’s physique. There is nothing more ridiculous to see a guy in the gym with a well-developed upper body with toothpick legs.

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